Rally Tours NZ

At Rally Tours, we aim to make the whole process of touring as seamless and painless as possible, leaving you to simply enjoy some of the magnificent wonders our world has to offer. Our clients come from a myriad of backgrounds all looking for a unique experience visiting countries, cities and historical attractions only previously read about in history books, novels and National Geographic.

Rally Tours

Rally Tours not only operates spectator tours for WRC Rallies like Australia, Argentina and Finland, we also provide tours for New Zealand Rallies like the Targa and The ePay Silver Fern Rallies.

We also assist rally teams, this year we will manage two visiting overseas Rally Teams competing in the ePay Silver Fern Classic Car Rally.The Mk1 Escort car belongs to Richard Arrowsmith from Northampton and has competed and finished in two East African Safaris. Richard looks after the Rally Tours Land Cruisers when they are parked up in the UK. And on its way from Kenya is a Mk2 Escort BDA from Iain Freestone Rally Sport.

Overland Journeys

Turing a complex exercise into an unforgettable experience is at the core of Rally Tour’s ethos. Whether it’s a 52 day trans-continental overland epic journey or watching the worlds greatest rally drivers in action, we are an experienced tour operator who has developed long established relationships with clients and suppliers alike. With many repeat clients (see what they say) we have developed itineraries and methods that ensure we maximize value and enjoyment.

Since our inaugural trans-continental journey in 2007 (the Centenary Peking to Paris Classic event) we have listened to our clients and developed additional journeys to whet anyone’s appetite. Given how “time poor” many of us are nowadays, we were asked to come up with some shorter journeys – check out our Dakar, Santiago to Ushuaia or Kenya Tanzania and East African Safari trips.

To discuss any of our itineraries, or if you have any thoughts on what you would constitute an “epic” journey, please contact us and we will be only to please to answer any questions you have.