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Silk Road Expedition – 2017 We’ve been there done that. It was so good we plan to do it all again in 2019

London to Vladivostok. Check out the tour blogs and contact us if you are interested.

This is where we have been. The 2019 itinerary will be similar but different.


82DAYS . . . “You do the driving . . . we do the rest”

History: Rally Tours NZ Ltd operated their first Silk Road self-drive tour tour in 2010, 2011 followed by another in 2015. These early overland expeditions transited Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan before crossing into China to finish in Beijing. These early 60 day trips were both exciting and adventurous and popular with clients. In May 2017, Rally Tours will re-run their Silk Road Tour concept, starring in Vladivostok. We believe that this will make this the most exciting Overland adventure in the world. A good brand of heavy 4×4 vehicle is recommended and Rally Tours have rental 80 and 100 series Land Cruisers available if you don’t think your Land Rover or Nissan patrol is up to the task. $NZ88,000 per vehicle for two persons is the investment necessary to purchase the trip of a lifetime. Only 10 vehicle spaces are available and expressions of interest are now being received.

• Shipping of client vehicle to Vladivostok and London to home destination.
• 3rd party vehicle insurance.
• Livery for the vehicles
• Vehicle marine transit insurance.(While vehicle in shipping transit)
• 3rd party insurance in Mongolia, Russia. Maximum 3rd party insurance including Europe and UK.
• Services of a Rally Tours Leader and vehicle.
• Services of a Trail vehicle and driver (if group over 6 vehicles)
• 80 nights’ accommodation with breakfast.
• Other meals as per itinerary.
• Sightseeing and local guide services as per itinerary.
• Visas for 2 persons for Mongolia and Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan & Tajikistan
• Tour Dress shirt.

• Personal travel insurances. (Rally tours can assist with this)
• Comprehensive Vehicle insurance. (Talk to Rally Tours about this)
• Fuel, Road Tolls and traffic tickets.
• Gratuities for hotel porters and local guides.
• Parking / security fees for vehicle parking.
• Lunches and non-included meals.
• Non-Included sightseeing and public transport.

At Rally Tours, we take pride in what we do, and taking away all the organising/pre tour hassle from you. We take care of, shipping, visas, accommodation, excursions/sightseeing, you just YES we are coming, and we do all the rest.

Some images from a recent Silk Road Expedition



The Silk Road was a network of trade routes, formally established during the Han Dynasty of China, which linked the regions of the ancient world in commerce. As the Silk Road was not a single thoroughfare from east to west, the term ‘Silk Routes’ has become increasingly favoured by historians, though ‘Silk Road’ is the more common and recognized name. Both terms for this network of roads were coined by the German geographer and traveller, Ferdinand von Richthofen, in 1877 CE, who designated them ‘Seidenstrasse’ (silk road) or ‘Seidenstrassen’ (silk routes). The network was used regularly from 130 BCE, when the Han officially opened trade with the west, to 1453 CE, when the Ottoman Empire boycotted trade with the west and closed the routes.
The Silk Road has existed for thousands of years, passing through many different empires, kingdoms, reigns and societies throughout history. At certain times in its long history, traders could travel freely along these routes, whereas at others, travel was difficult or dangerous. The Silk Road enriched the countries it passed through, transporting cultures, religions, and languages and of course material goods into societies across Europe, Asia and Africa, and uniting them all with a common thread of cultural heritage and plural identities.

Countries on the Silk Road
China- Kyrgyzstan – Kazakhstan – Tajikistan – Uzbekistan – Turkmenistan – Iran – Azerbaijan – Georgia


0 Mon 1-May Auckland HK/Vladivostok Russia
1 Tues 2-May Vladivostok Vladivostok Russia
2 Weds 3-May Vladivostok Vladivostok Russia
3 Thurs 4-May Vladivostok Vladivostok Russia
4 Fri 5-May Vladivostok Lesozavodsk Russia
5 Sat 6-May Lesozavodsk Khabarovsk Russia
6 Sun 7-May Khabarovsk Khabarovsk Russia
7 Mon 8-May Khabarovsk Blagoveshchensk Russia
8 Tues 9-May Blagoveshchensk Svobodny Russia
9 Weds 10-May Svodobny Skovorodino Russia
10 Thurs 11-May Skorovodino Chernyshevsk Russia
11 Fri 12-May Chernyshevsk Chita Russia
12 Sat 13-May Chita Chita Russia
13 Sun 14-May Chita Ulan Ude Russia
14 Mon 15-May Ulan Ude Ulan Ude Russia
15 Tues 16-May Ulan Ude Sukhbaatar Mongolia
16 weds 17-May Sukhbaatar Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
17 Thurs 18-May Ulaanbaatar Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
18 Fri 19-May Ulaanbaatar Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
19 Sat 20-May Ulaanbaatar Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
20 Sun 21-May Ulaanbaatar Khulstan Uul Mongolia
21 Mon 22-May Khulstal Uul Kharkhorin Mongolia
22 Tues 23-May Kharkorin Tsenherjiguur Mongolia
23 weds 24-May Tsenherjiguur Khorgo Lake Mongolia
24 Thurs 25-May Khorgo Lake Khorgo Lake Mongolia
25 Fri 26-May Khorgo Lake Telmen Mongolia
26 Sat 27-May Telmen Khargas Lake Mongolia
27 Sun 28-May Khargas Lake Mountain Camp Mongolia
29 Mon 29-May Mountain Camp Chibit Russia
29 Tues 30-May Chibit Ust Koksa Russia
30 Weds 31-May Ust koksa Ust Koksa Russia
31 Thurs 1-Jun Ust koksa Belokurikha Russia
32 Frid 2-Jun Belokurikha Semiplatinsk Kazakhstan
33 Sat 3-Jun Semiplatinsk Ayagoz Kazakhstan
34 Sun 4-Jun Ayagoz Taldykorgan Kazakhstan
35 Mon 5-Jun Taldykorgan Almaty Kazakhstan
36 Tues 6-Jun Almaty Almaty Kazakhstan
37 weds 7-Jun Almaty Charyn Canion Kazakhstan
38 Thurs 8-Jun Charyn Canion Karakol Kyrgzstan
39 Fri 9-Jun Karakol Karakol Kyrgzstan
40 Sat 10-Jun Karakol Cholpon Ata Kyrgzstan
41 Sun 11-Jun Cholpon Ata Cholpon Ata Kyrgzstan
42 Mon 12-Jun Cholpon Ata Toktogul Gorge Kyrgzstan
43 Tues 13-Jun Toktogul Gorge Osh Kyrgzstan
44 Weds 14-Jun Osh Sary Tash Kyrgzstan
45 Thurs 15-Jun Sary Tash Murgab Tajikistan
46 Fri 16-Jun Murgab Khorugh Tajikistan
47 sat 17-Jun Khorugh Khorugh Tajikistan
48 Sun 18-Jun Khorugh Qal Al Khumb Tajikistan
49 Mon 19-Jun Qal Al Khumb Dushanbe Tajikistan
50 Tues 20-Jun Dushanbe Termez Uzbekistan
51 Weds 21-Jun Termez Termez Uzbekistan
52 Thurs 22-Jun Termez Samarkand Uzbekistan
53 Fri 23-Jun Samarkand Samarkand Uzbekistan
54 Sat 24-Jun Samarkand Bukhara Uzbekistan
55 Sun 25-Jun Bukhara Bukhara Uzbekistan
56 Mon 26-Jun Bukhara Khiva Uzbekistan
57 Tues 27-Jun Khiva Nukus Uzbekistan
58 Weds 28-Jun Nukus Muynak Uzbekistan
59 Thurs 29-Jun Muynak Zhaslyk Uzbekistan
60 Fri 30-Jun Zhaslyk Benrau Kazakhstan
61 Sat 1-Jul Benrau Atyrau Kazakhstan
62 Sun 2-Jul Atyrau Astrakhan Russia
63 Mon 3-Jul Astrakhan Volgograd Russia
64 Tues 4-Jul Volgograd Volgograd Russia
65 Weds 5-Jul Volgograd Voronezh Russia
66 Thurs 6-Jul Voronezh Kiev Ukraine
67 Friday 7-Jul Kiev Kiev Ukraine
68 Sat 8-Jul Kiev Odessa Ukraine
69 Sun 9-Jul Odessa Odessa Ukraine
70 Mon 10-Jul Odessa Odessa Ukraine
71 Tues 11-Jul Odessa Ternopil Ukraine
72 Weds 12-Jul Ternopil Krakow Poland
73 Thurs 13-Jul Krakow Zacopane Poland
74 Fri 14-Jul Zacopane Budapest Hungary
75 Sat 15-Jul Budapest Budapest Hungary
75 Sun 16-Jul Budapest Vienna Austria
77 Mon 17-Jul Vienna Vienna Austria
78 Tues 18-Jul Vienna Munich Germany
79 Weds 19-Jul Munich Trier Germany
80 Thurs 20-Jul Trier Dover UK
81 Fri 21-Jul Dover London UK
82 Satur 22-Jul London End UK

Any Questions? Please call: Deb Hollier : +64-27-258-6614 – Email: Greg Paul: +64-21-777-523 – Email:

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