Adventurous 4WD Holidays and Tours in Europe

If you have had enough of time passing you by, and want to add some adventure to your life, then look no further than our 4WD Holidays in Europe. At Overland Journeys, we are experienced in helping you plan the best 4×4 self-drive or passenger tour overseas. We are the only company of its kind based in New Zealand, with contacts and connections all around the world.

Experience the Real Europe with 4WD Tours

We have been working with various international agents around the world for over ten years, so can bring you the best 4WD Tours in Europe where you can thoroughly experience the culture of the countries you visit. Our consulting services take care of everything for you, from all the paperwork you need, as well as accommodation and vehicles.

Whether you want to opt for safety in numbers and join in on a group tour or venture out solo, we can assist you with all your queries and requirements, for all aspects of your journey. We have a fleet of our own Land Cruiser vehicles overseas that are available for your use, or if you prefer the comfort of your 4×4, we can undoubtedly arrange to ship it to your destination.

Our company can sort out a Letter of Invitation, visa requirements or special permits that you may require for certain aspects of your tour. We help you choose from the best 4WD Europe Tours to suit your desires, and arrange everything including route planning and itineraries, vehicle preparation, driving guides, and excursions with guides.

While overseas there is nothing like a good night’s sleep to help you feel refreshed to enjoy the tour. We can help you deal with the right accommodation at all your pit stops and have recommendations for such that cannot be found online. We make sure you are taken care of with airport transfers and vital insurance coverage for your vehicle.

If you venture across borders in Europe, with 4WD Tours, we provide all information about border crossings as well as an example of how to fill in a customs declaration card. Our trips are planned to be stress-free, so there is plenty of room to enjoy the epic adventure you are on.

Get your 4×4 Adventure Planned Today

You can take to the road with a variety of our self-drive or passenger tours all across Europe. All journeys have an extensive guidebook to provide you with thorough information about where you are touring that you would not be able to find on the internet. Our knowledge and experience of all things involving your 4WD tour can mean that your holiday is adventurous and filled with incredible encounters.

If you are interested in extending your Europe tour across other countries, let us know, and we will plan it out. Alternatively, check out our tour packages on our website. Contact us today to discover an adventure waiting just for you.