The Adventure of a Lifetime with 4WD Holiday Tours of Russia

Russia is a country it seems few of us know much about these days. While the idea of Russia may conjure up images of a snowy St. Petersburg or Moscow, with crowded, Baroque style buildings, the truth is Russia is full of beautiful, nearly untouched natural landscapes. Few travelers from New Zealand or elsewhere ever get to see the gorgeous steppes and mountains, that exist in the far east of Russia and parts of Siberia. At Overland Journeys, we decided to change that with our 4WD Holidays in Russia. Taking you on truly unparalleled journeys through the natural Russian landscapes, from dirt roads to ancient cities, our Russia 4WD tours will leave you breathless. Read on to find out more about our 4WD Tours of Russia.

Why Choose 4WD Holidays in Russia?

If you are a 4×4 or off-road enthusiast, you may be wondering why Russia? Certainly you could make the usual trip and go to Thailand or Bali, or even explore right here in New Zealand, yet we have a feeling you are a little more adventurous than that. Our 4WD tours of Russia are for those who are true explorers and are tired of the usual holidays. If you like your fill of adrenaline too, you are going to love our tours of Russia.

With our Russia 4WD tours, you will be taken off the beaten path to a Russia not many see. While Russia may have gotten a bad rep in the last few years, the truth is Russia is a beautiful country, filled with ancient heritage, gorgeous scenery, and some of the most interesting people you will ever meet. Our 4WD holidays of Russia will show you the real Russia, full of hidden jewels both old and new.

Our 4WD tours of Russia are both safe and fun, and our trained and experienced guides will ensure you have the best trip possible. Operating for over ten years now, we have taken many eager travellers on many trans-continental journeys, making memories that will last a lifetime. While we want you to experience an authentic, thrilling expedition, we also want to make sure you are safe and secure while exploring this part of the world. With plenty of experience operating these kinds of tours, our guides will make sure you have the ultimate 4×4 off-road experience.

Get In Touch to Start Your Journey Today

If you want a holiday, you won’t soon forget, get in contact here today. Our Russia 4WD tours give adventurous New Zealanders the thrills they are seeking, exploring the parts of Russia only a few from this part of the world are lucky enough to see. With tours of the Silk Road, the Russian Altai, and parts of Siberia, we have plenty of options for your unique Russian adventure. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, as we are always more than happy to help get you started on your unique experience.