Now Booking Overland Journeys’ Silk Road Group 4WD Adventure Tours

The days of backpacking through Europe are in the past. Rather than explore a limited section of the European landscape, Overland Journeys’ signature experience, the Silk Road, are 4WD tours guided by friendly and experienced travel hosts. See the best of Europe’s awe-inspiring landscapes and fabled architecture in a setting and format that is safe for individual or small group travel.

Memorable Adventure Tours on our Silk Road Route

Since 2007, we’ve booked unforgettable adventure tours exploring the Silk Road, our epic 81-day Russia and Central Asia tour experience. You’ll collect your assigned 4×4 from our fleet of well-maintained vehicles in Vladivostok, Russia. Alternatively, arrange for shipment of your personal vehicle to Russia. Experience the true beauty and friendliness of the Russian people as you make your way west across this vast country.

Group 4WD Tours along our Silk Road route are kept on course by personally assigned tour leaders. Each vehicle is issued a handheld two-way radio to ensure groups remain together and in communication for the duration of the adventure, regardless of cellular service. Each day moves your group west staying in pre-assigned accommodation until you arrive at your final destination in London, England.

Along the way, your Silk Road Overland tours itinerary includes special excursions and sightseeing opportunities. Your knowledgeable guide will tell you about a region’s significance, being careful to highlight points of interest. Take your time and be sure to enjoy and support regional cuisine, shopping, cultural and luxury experiences. You’re responsible for lunches and dinners unless otherwise specified in the final itinerary, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience each region authentically.

Your group’s journey traverses multiple nations, each with their own travelling rules. Wading through the parameters of necessary travel documentation can be overwhelming, while errors can derail your entire holiday experience. We make multiple-stop international travel easy by handling all your visa and travel document applications. Our extensive experience keeps us up-to-date with travel guidelines and requirements based on your home country and desired destination.

As your group explores Europe, you may be responsible for some expenses incurred during the journey, such as flights to and from the first and final destinations. Shopping, gratuities, and additional activities not listed on the final itinerary are not included but are encouraged as they support the local economy. Most meals and activities are included, and we will cover any necessary vehicle maintenance costs.

Choose Overland Journeys for all Your International Travel

For advanced travellers looking for self-paced 4WD tours, we offer travel consultation services. We draw on our international connections to facilitate a streamlined holiday for NZ and Australian travellers. Call today for comprehensive travel assistance. In addition to help with visa applications, we facilitate accommodation, routes and itineraries, attraction booking, tour guides and drivers, vehicle hire, vehicle import and export, insurances, special permits, and can help with access to exclusive points of interest.

Whether you’re looking for an amazing guided adventure to share with your closest mates or need a highly-rated agency to assist with travel arrangements for self-paced international excursions, get started with Overland Journeys. Our 4×4 driving tours across Europe, Asia and South America allow you to explore the world up-close in a safe and structured format that highlights each region’s natural beauty.