Adventure Holidays with 4x4 Experiences and Tours in Argentina, Chile, and Peru

Although the idea of adventure overseas sounds exciting, organising and making sure you have everything you need can be overwhelming. If you have always dreamed of traveling around South America but never knew how to go about it, we can get you organised and on your way to visiting Argentina with our 4×4 Tours. At Overland Journeys, we use our extensive experience and connections with international agents to put together the adventure holiday of your dreams.

South America 4×4 Holidays Include Chile

When you travel and discover the fantastic South American region, you will find yourself immersed among glaciers, mountains, and lakes. Let yourself have a front seat to the wonders of South America with our 4×4 Holidays in Peru, where you will fall in love with the ancient sights. You can travel through Bolivia, then experience both Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia to get the best of both worlds, and don’t have to choose one or the other.

The dramatic sights will continue on our Group 4×4 Experiences in Argentina and Chile, with visits to Tierra Del Fuego, Torres del Paine and the most southern town Ushuaia. With our planned tour you will get unforgettable impressions and experiences all with the expertise of a professional guide. We supply you with one of our Land Cruiser fleet vehicles or if you prefer we can arrange to ship your private vehicle.

On our South American tour, there is also a beautiful cruise across the Chilean fjords for four days and three nights. Take a break and enjoy the beautiful surroundings with a full passage including meals. As you travel across and through countries, you will have the added benefit of entry to National Parks as well as sightseeing and excursions, so you can get the most out of your time on tour.

Assisting Travellers with 4×4 Tours

You need not worry about getting everything organised because we make your tour exciting and seamless. Vehicles, drivers, and guides are provided, as well as booking of accommodation and daily breakfasts, so know you can be fully rested and refreshed for your road adventures. We also make sure your vehicle is insured to give you that added peace of mind.

We have been operating for over ten years and are based in New Zealand. However, we work with reputable international agents to get you the best 4×4 tours around the world. Our trips can be self-drive or passenger tours so no need to feel put off if driving in another country is not for you. There is still a way for you to experience the wonders waiting in another country.

We also offer consulting services, and if a set package tour is not for you, we will help you organise your dream overland journey right down to airport transfers. If you are ready to join one of our 4×4 Holidays in Chile and other South American countries, book online or email us today.