Classic Tours

Overland Journeys introduce classic tours to Russia. If you don’t want to drive or be a passenger in a 4×4 Land Cruiser but would like to explore the beauty of the biggest country in the world tours below are definitely for you.

Please note that if you can’t find what you are interested in (e.g. tours to Moscow and Saint-Petersburg) please email us and we will arrange a special tour for you.


Classic Kamchatka Tour

Classic Kamchatka Tour

Very replete and informative tour of the most interesting areas of Kamchatka modern active volcanic in the Far East of Russia.
Tour duration: 14 days

Classic Kamchatka tour dates:

  • from 12-07-2018 to 24-07-2018
  • from 26-07-2018 to 07-08-2018
  • from 08-08-2018 to 20-08-2018
  • from 23-08-2018 to 04-09-2018
  • from 09-09-2018 to 21-09-2018

Kamchatka - Active Volcanoes

Kamchatka – Active Volcanoes

During the tour you will visit unique places of Kamchatka – active volcanoes Mutnovskiy and Gorely, which are some of the most beautiful volcanoes of Kamchatka in the Far East of Russia.

Tour duration: 8 days

Kamchatka – Active Volcanoes tour dates:

  • from 13-07-2018 to 20-07-2018
  • from 22-07-2018 to 29-07-2018
  • from 31-07-2018 to 07-08-2018
  • from 09-08-2018 to 16-08-2018
  • from 18-08-2018 to 25-08-2018