Overland Journeys offer consulting services for independent travel and tours through Russia, Central Asia, Mongolia, Europe and South America. We are happy to assist travellers who want to do any kind of independent tours. We are able to supply one of our 4×4 vehicles (Land Cruiser) for you to drive in any remote region. Otherwise we can assist you with transportation of your own vehicle to overseas destinations. Of course, we recommend the benefits of a group travel with experienced guides. However, we receive many enquiries for help with all aspects of an epic journey for those going it alone and we are ready to assist.

List of services we can provide or help with:

  • LOI (Letter of invitation)
  • Visas
  • Special permits (visiting restricted places in Russia, driving in Thailand, driving in Vietnam, etc.)
  • Driving guides (compulsory for particular countries)
  • Vehicle importing and exporting
  • Vehicle shipping and transportation
  • Car rentals (one of our Land Cruisers)
  • Route planning and itineraries
  • Vehicle preparation
  • Accommodation (especially that you can’t find on
  • Airport transfers
  • Excursions with guides
  • Car and Motorcycle Insurances (including Green Card Insurance for Europe)
  • Marine insurance
  • Guide Book + information that is not available on the Internet
  • Border crossing information and an example how to fill customs declaration (translation from Russian language)

If you require any assistance please email us today or fill the form here and we will provide you a quote.

Consulting services for independent travel