Dakar 2016 - Final Stages

The 2016 edition of the Dakar is done and dusted for another year.

The challenge for most did not end until the last moment with the crossing of the podium at the finish in Rosario. Finish the Dakar has to be the ultimate accolade in anyone’s CV of life achievements and never fails to impress me as to what these men and there machines endure over 15 days that is the “DAKAR” the results were interesting.

Toby Price the Australian dwelt to the motorcycle class with pure energy and determination totally embarrassing the class generally dominated by Europeans.

The master “mister Dakar” Peterhaunsal” saved Peugeots face by bringing the new 2008DKR home in first position hotly pursued by Mini and Toyota.

The quads saw the professionals, the Patronelli bros from Argentina in a 1 / 2 battle for the last few days,

Gerauld DeRooye the Dutchman in an Iveco finally triumphed over the Russian Kamaz to bring home a victory after 3 years of trying. It was an epic battle in the truck class right until the end !!

Toby Price - Dakar Winner - Bikes

Toby Price – Dakar Winner – Bikes

The elements were a challenge. Some stages were cancelled due to wet weather in the beginning. We had scorching hot temps and the stages shortenend for the bikes. The riders spent a compulsory 15 minutes in a refrigerated truck to recover. The long trek into Bolivia saw super long touring sections and heavy rain and snow at 5000 metres !!
Floods greated U.S. When we re-entered Argentina. This is the Dakar, it’s amazing.

The Rally tours Dakar Adventure got to see stages almost every day. It was a monumental challenge but a wonderful experience for the 3rd time and a huge thanks to Ray, Matt and John for joining me to make our trip to the Dakar a great adventure with a purpose. Check our the photos on the Rally Tours Facebook Timeline.

Join us next year for the Dakar, it’s a life experience !!

Ray Oxford gets personal with Dakar bike class winner, Australian Toby Price as he completes the last few kilometres of the gruelling Dakar event. It was the jewel in the crown for both Toby and Ray !!