Dakar 2016 - Stages 1 ~ 3

The 2 day journey to Buenos Aires was going really well and an arrival into the Argentine capital for news years eve was looking good until our old faithful Land Cruiser dropped an engine valve in the middle of no-where… That resulted in a diagnosis of major engine failure and a tow to BA of 700km. Exciting for John Kilpatrick on the end of the 4m tow rope…
We did make it for the New Years party at the Buenos Aires down town marina despite our delays with the towing exercise…

Our Dakar clients arrived in Buenos Aires the next day.
Ray Oxford from Australia is a keen motor-sport photographer and shoots more than 2000 photos a day !!
I will put up some of Rays photos but suggest you look him up on face book “Ray Oxford” as all of his pics are on his page. He has a huge following world wide including several DAKAR competitors are now looking at his photos…

Matt Hedrick is a yacht skipper from the states and is very handy with an iphone 6 and takes fantastic video. The video post a few hours ago was Matt’s handy work and is constantly coming up with nifty video clips including the big floods that we had to negotiate last night coming into Salta.

Dakar is throwing up lots of challenges for the organisers this year..the weather being the main obstacle
Stage 1 was cancelled due to wet stormy so the trucks didn’t get to race officially until day 3 !!

The with good weather on the horizon we headed north to Termas Del Rio Hondo via some of the familiar WRC Rally stages. We had a brilliant view point just off the stage start and at the end of the running of the 300km stage followed the rally cars out to experience a Dakar Stage. It took a while having to do a couple of tows and wait for the stage to finish due to a bog that caused havoc for the tail end trucks…All part of the experience !!

We had two nights in Pampala and a day trip to the North east over the mountains to the salt flats gave the boys their first taste of the effects of altitude climbing to 4400m !!
The Land Cruiser and most other vehicles including the competition cars and trucks suffer badly with the lack of air.

Walking any distance takes its toll and makes the lungs work hard. We found a great spot where a small river ran across the track making a huge water splash.

By now Peugeot’s new creation the DKR 2008 and ex WRC star Seb Leob are starting to stamp their authority on this years event.

More commentary and images can be found on our facebook page…