Dakar 2016 - Stages 4 ~ 6

We didn’t make into Bolivia last year for lots of logistical reasons. This year it was feasible. We arrived at the border town of La Quiaca to an amazing reception of thousands of locals but the border was closed to non Dakar crews for the day ….or maybe two days.

I had to use all of my overlanding negotiating skills to convince the authorities that we and several other following the Dakar would not be impressed staying the night in their delightful little town. From here the adventure into Bolivia began as we crossed the border into the town of Villazon…

After travelling 3 hours to Tupiza we turned to follow a 300km stretch of gravel to our destination Uyuni. We however were turned around 40km into the leg by Dakar service trucks siting that a river crossing was too deep and the levels were rising. This resulted in a 400 km detour over mountainous roads to reach our destination at 2am.

Uyuni is not a a place to include in your list of places to go for a holiday !! The salt flats near Uyuni are however impressive and worth a visit – see top image.

We found a great viewing spot the next day combined with some excellent 4×4 off road driving. More commentary and images can be found on our facebook page…

Recent images

Competitors make their way toward the Bolivian border on the road section. The bike riders are absolute supermen!!

Caught by Ray Oxford our Rally Tours client in Bolivia. See the location of the professional photographer!!

Can you get closer !! Truck leader Hans Stacey in the big MAN..Leading the truck section at the moment.

Travelling with the DAKAR Circus. Crossing out of Bolivia yesterday and back into Argentina.