Dakar News Plus Pic's

This News Blog includes a few highlights of the Dakar

The good news is that the 2018 DAKAR will start in Lima, Peru on the 6th January 2018 and finish in Cordoba. Argentina on the 19th January. The Dakar circus will venture into the massive dunes of Peru not tackled since we were there in 2013.

The route takes in the traditional and contrasting territory of Bolivia with mountains, high altitude and salt flats adding the Bolivian challenges of the last two years.

Argentina is different again. Fast, flat, sandy and hot all the way to the finish in Cordoba, a fitting finish point to the world’s most amazing motor race.

You need to join Rally Tours in Lima in 2018 if you want to witness this unreal test of man and machine!

The Peugeot team on the move with no less that 8 trucks !! Peugeot has a competition truck entered. A MAN. It carries the car parts for the 4 competition cars… No expense spared to achieve a win for Peugeot!

The challenge of starting in Asuncion, Paraguay and extra border crossings was an unknown quantity but went well and am sure that the Dakar event will likely return to Paraguay next year despite the warm temperature’s encountered.

The challenge for organisers this year was the weather and the altitude. It was very wet in Bolivia resulting in the cancellation and shortening of a couple of stages.

A massive landslide that took out a village just inside the Argentine border with Bolivia saw the entire Dakar Circus stranded in a small town until a 300km detour was organised for 4×4 vehicles only.

That was a journey and a night not to be forgotten, but its part of the Dakar adventure !! We did, however, get to some amazing spectator points, meet some incredible people including crews, competitors and press.

Our multi-national team of Americans, Russians, and an Aussie won’t forget this Dakar journey and are all going home with smiles on their faces despite the lack of sleep and occasionally the lack of home comforts for the 15 days that is the Dakar!! Thanks to Darby, Carly, Scott and Lena, Terry and Olga for their joining Rally Tours of the greatest Rally adventure in the world. Yes, we will do it again in 2018. I am taking expressions of interest now…

interesting and challenging road into a stage in Argentina. Great view point near the Argentina / Bolivia border. The crowds here in Bolivia are amazing !! Rally Tours are part of the Dakar circus near Oruro, Bolivia.

An Italian Fiat Panda 4×4 Dakar car at our hotel in Asuncion. I want one. !! When it rains, it really rains !! Let the journey begin. But it requires a lot of map study. Peugeot are ready to do battle with 4 of the new 2017 Dakar 3008’s