Book Overland Journey’s Unmissable Silk Road Guided Driving Tours Across Europe Departing from Russia

In most cases, traditional mass transport routes typically traverse areas outside major thoroughfares and on the outskirts of population hubs, where at the time of their development it was thought they would be the least intrusive and disruptive. This wove train routes through breath-taking natural landscapes. Now, modern-day transportation methods tend to favour speed over sightseeing.

Overland Journeys has spent ten years providing dynamic international tours including small group tours starting in Russia and ending in London, England. Our signature Silk Road Tour is now accepting bookings and is set to depart in May 2019.

Book Our Signature Small Group Tour of the Silk Road

This amazing 81-day journey departs from Vladivostok, Russia. Utilise our fleet of well-maintained 4×4 vehicles or ship your own vehicle by sea. Each party in a guided driving tour of Europe is afforded a personal tour leader and issued a hand-held two-way radio. All overnight accommodation, including breakfasts, are covered on our small group tours for this Silk Road adventure.

Along the way, the itinerary for our Silk Road small group tours includes fascinating excursions and sightseeing opportunities. Experience landscapes unique to the area as you learn about the region’s fascinating history. Immerse yourself in the glorious beauty of Russia and experience the warmth of its people and climate for yourself. Guided driving tours through Europe are ideal for groups seeking structure and guidance in a largely self-paced format.

As you explore Europe via guided driving tour, you’ll be responsible for all gratuities and additional spending money not specifically listed in your final itinerary, however almost all of your meals and excursions are included! While vehicle transportation is accommodated, personal travel to the departure city and home from the destination city is not included.

For experienced travellers looking to explore Russia, Mongolia, Central Asia, and Europe alone, we offer top-notch travel consulting services. We organise your excursion for hassle-free execution. Our global connections pair you with leading hospitality and entertainment providers. Additionally, we can assist with visa applications, vehicle hire, accommodation, activity and attraction booking, itinerary planning, vehicle importing and exporting, guide hire, special permits, and access to points of interest.

Travelling with Overland Journeys

When the itinerary calls for multiple transfers between nations, logistics can get complicated and even overwhelming. An honest mistake can delay, if not cause the rejection of, necessary permissions for your highly-anticipated small group tour of our Silk Road excursion. Let Overland Journeys take care of all the details ensuring a smooth, stress-free Russia, Central Asia and European holiday experience. Skilled at facilitating international travel for groups around the globe, we’re familiar with necessary documentation (visas, invitation letters, etc.) based on your origin country and travel destination.

Looking for something new and exciting in a similar format? Try our new European motorhome tour. Travel along one of three pre-planned routes and enjoy the privacy and adventure of RV travel. Camping expenses and special adventures are included in this exhilarating, largely independent tour. Or, skip Europe and explore South America via 4×4, driving from Peru to Chile. Like the guided driving tour in Europe, overnight accommodation with breakfasts are included. Contact our booking agent for a full list of available tours.