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Bam Ice Road Winter 2018

Russian Far East and Siberia
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The BAM Ice Road Winter 2018 (Baikal Amur Mainline Ice Road) expedition is open for you to book. There are limited spaces for you to participate in this extreme journey, therefore, you need to act now. We have great pleasure in bringing you another epic adventure.

Our Russian partners are preparing the specialist vehicles and equipment required for the extreme conditions that will be encountered on this incredible journey. 

Come with us to the Baikal-Amur Mainline and we will explore the political and social history of Russia’s greatest railway construction project of the 20th century.

Veterans of the BAM will talk to us and tell us many fascinating stories about the life and times of the people who live along the railway today. They will teach us about life as young Communist Volunteers in the construction camps in addition to providing insights into labouring in the extreme conditions.

Life on the BAM was difficult and dangerous. Consequently, there were many unhappy endings. Many of the workers on the BAM and in the uranium mines did not go willingly to Siberia. Their stories were not told openly and they are just as important to the social history of the BAM.

This journey is an adventure of a lifetime. Siberia and the Russian Far East are wild and beautiful regions full of wonderful scenery and plenty of surprises. In addition to snowy mountains, clear running rivers and fish to catch there are the unexpected sand dunes in the depths of the Taiga.

Furthermore, the Evenkis people will meet with us and teach us about their culture and lifestyle in the extreme and remote Taiga.

Finally, we will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of Russia. This BAM ice road winter 2018 expedition is new for us but not for our Russian tour partners. They have experience in working in these conditions which may be extreme for our participants yet nothing unusual for the inhabitants of these beautiful lands.

BAM Winter Ice Road frozen lake and snow covered mountains in Siberia in winter BAM Overland Journeys

Winter in Siberia Overland Journeys Baikal Amur Mainline journey

BAM Tour Overview

Tour description: Seat in a 4×4 vehicle. Self-drive by application

Tour duration: 14 days excluding flight days

Start date and origin: Bratsk (Siberia) 23 Feb 2018

Finish date and destination: 9 Mar 2018 Blagoveshchensk (Russian Far East)


23 February-09 March 2018

Day 1 Arrive at Bratsk

This is where the BAM Ice Road Winter 2018 adventure begins. Flight S7 121 lands in Bratsk 8.10 a.m local time. If weather and traffic permit we will visit an open-air museum “Angara Village” before we move down to Ust-Kut through Bratsk’s enormous hydro-electric dam. We will see knolls and Siberian larch covered taiga all around before we stop at a private house. There are few tourist facilities and hotels on the route consequently we will stay in some private homes. Cafe lunch. Homemade dinner. Distance 350-400km

Day 2 Snow Covered icy Lake Baikal

In the morning, after our homemade breakfast, we drive towards Lake Baikal. After the pass, the mountains become significantly higher and the sights more breathtaking. We will have lunch at a cafe and visit the Museum of BAM Construction at Severobaikalsk Town. After which we drive along Lake Baikal through picturesque scenes including short tunnels, to Nizhneangarsk where we will stay the night in a hotel. Dinner will be in a cafe. Distance 560km

Day 3 Hot springs of Dzelinda and cold Evenki Settlement

We start our driving with a visit to the Evenki settlement. During this visit we will meet and talk with, the Evenki people – natives of Eastern Siberia. From there we drive to the hot springs of Dzelinda. The water temperature fluctuates between 40 and 52 degrees. The BAM stretches along the impressive Verkhneangarsky Range reaching altitudes of 2500m. In the evening we arrive at New Uoyan Township.

Day 4 Severomuysky -The longest tunnel in Russia and the Devil’s Bridge

Today a specialist engineer from Russian Railways will take us to an excursion to the 15km long tunnel and the uniquely engineered construction of the Devil’s Bridge.  After viewing these incredible masterpieces of engineering we drive the mountain pass to Taksimo Township where we stop for the night at a hotel or private apartments. Distance 233km Baikal Amur Mainline Winter Road

Day 5 Golden Link of BAM

In the morning we visit the museum after which we drive to Kuanda Township to see the memorial outside the railway station. The memorial commemorates the laying of the rails of the BAM. If the camp of the Evenkis herders cattle camp is close enough we will drive there. If not then we will stay at Kuanda. Distance 77-100km

Day 6 Balbuhta and Kodar Pass

The Balbuhta Junction is legendary. The Kodar pass is spectacular. Today we will drive both before descending the Chara Cavity. We will see one of the most photogenic mountain chains in Siberia. The Kadar Mountains are a range that is continuous and forbidding with many contrasts. We will stay the night at the Centre of Tourism in Chara Township. Distance 160km

Day 7 Chara Sands in the snow

The unique natural phenomenon of a sand desert – The Chara Sands- in the snow, can only be seen in Siberia from the BAM. It is an amazing miracle from which we drive to the campsite and hot springs for the evening. We will experience a Russian sauna (Banya).

Day 8 New Chara- Chin. The highest altitude abandoned Russian Railway.

Today we take a side trip to the Chineyskoye field of vanadium containing titanium magnetite ores – one of the biggest in the world. We will drive along the highest railway in Russia (1650m). A recent earthquake covered the rail track with rocks and tied the rails in knots.The abandoned railway has many intricate bridges and galleries in mountains and tunnels. It is surrounded by picturesque highlands. We return to Chara Township for the evening and stay at the Centre for Tourism. Distance 70km.

Day 9 The highest point of the Russian Railway

Today we drive across the highest altitude pass of the BAM Winter Ice Road – Udokan at 1310m. This is the highest point on any Russian Railway set in the seemingly never-ending Siberian Taiga and with snow covered peaks all around. We pass the snowy Leprindo Lakes to Hani Township where we spend a night at school because there are no hotels in the town.

Days 10-11 Siberian Taiga and ancient drawings

Today, on our drive through taiga with mountains to our east, we will stop at the bridge over the Olyokma River where one of the rocks is covered with ancient drawings. After viewing the petroglyphs we will stop for the night at Olyokmisk or Neringa. From there we drive to the final destination of our expedition and unofficial capital of the BAM – Tynda. At Tynda we stay overnight in a hotel.

Day 12 At Tynda – Capital of BAM Winter Ice Road


Day 13 Tynda to Skovorodino

An interesting drive through the forest to the intersection of the main road from Vladivostock that heads west across the Far East and Siberia.

Day 14 Skovorodino to Blagoveshchensk.

This completes our extraordinary adventure on the BAM Winter Ice Road.

Day15 Fly to Moscow, Novosibirsk or Vladivostok

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