July 2016 - News

July 2016

We are not quite in the depths of winter here in Auckland. Hope that if you are outside in NZ you are experiencing some lovely warm weather.

We have been working on the up and coming tours for end of 2016 and 2017. Greg is now on the last leg of the combined Shanghai to London and Vladivostok to London tours. 60 days completed so far. More details …

We have a lot going on for 2017

THE DAKAR – Dec/Jan 2017

Dakar2017-SlideDo something completely different, celebrate New Year’s in South America, arrive into Asuncion on the 31st December 2016,then follow the DAKAR …
The DAKAR is the most exciting motor rally event the world has to offer. It’s an endurance event for man / machine crews and enthusiasts like ourselves that follow the Dakar Circus !! More details …

We will get you into some fantastic vantage points to watch this rally unfold over the 14 days. Speculation is that it could be the last Dakar in South America so this is it. It could be your last opportunity to witness the greatest show on earth as we know it. 2016 Details here …

SILK ROAD – May 2017

Vladivostok is the starting point for this 81 day journey across to London. A 4×4 adventure, driving through Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Germany concluding in England. This is the ‘Ultimate Road Journey through Time”

ROAD OF BONES – May 2017

Road-of-BonesThis is a 4X4 self-drive adventure, once Greg has completed the current tour, he will head towards Novosibirsk and drive towards the start of what is going to be part of the Road of Bones adventure. Greg is going to scope this area out, as part of the Road of Bones tour that we are promoting for 2017.

We have three options;

1) Singapore (61 days), and drive through Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, China and Mongolia up into Russia and complete the tour in Magadan.

2) Bangkok (50 days), Myanmar, China and Mongolia up into Russia and complete the tour in Magadan.

3) Vladivostok (21 Days) through to Magadan
All the information will be up on the website at a later stage.

As the Shanghai to London and the Vladivostok to London tours end 26th July, I would like to express our sincere thanks to the following persons/companies who help pull all this together and ensure the smooth running for our clients in their ultimate adventure.

• Judy Tapper – Flight Centre travel consultant
• Phil Gibbs and his team at GT Logistics
• Murray Reedy – Silk Road Adventures
• Tracy – Navo Tours
• John Barley – Barley and Associates for all our marine/travel & medical insurance

If any of these tours interest you, please call Deb +64272586614 or email deb@rallytours.co.nz for more information.