Motorhomes across Russia

In May 2019 Overland Journeys will operate its inaugural “Motorhomes Across Russia + Europe Tour”.

The planning of this event is only possible because of the long germ associations that Overland Journeys have developed over the years with our Russian partners and suppliers.

The roads have also improved to such an extent that it is now a reality that modern Motorhomes can cross this vast continent easily.

As recent as six weeks ago Overland Journeys director Greg Paul was in Eastern Russia plotting the Motorhome Route, discussing logistics with Russian partners and arranging the night stop locations.

The arrangements are looking good and believe this will be a very memorable and enlightening expedition of Motorhomes taking in a combination of amazing sights, interesting history and the cultural delights of this big and interesting country.

The 54-day itinerary starts in Vladivostok, located on the far eastern sea board of Russia (near Japan). Vladivostok is a mystical and multicultural city with a natural and protected harbour and the logical place to start this MH expedition.

Vladivostok will quickly change any pre-conceptions about Russia that you may have had, such as it’s a cold frozen continent, it’s a grey and uninteresting country, it’s dangerous and its people are gruff and grumpy and unfriendly. On arrival it takes just a few hours to realise that none of the above apply to Russia.

The MH expedition is based on the “Overland Journeys” tried and tested “follow me” concept. Our experienced Tour Leader and Tour Manager will lead the way supported by a Tour Follower to assist with any eventuality so that you are not left alone.

Each vehicle will be provided with a radio telephone and tour manual including maps and general information. The maximum size of the convoy will be 10 motorhomes plus 2 support vehicles.

The Idea is to provide an opportunity for NZ and Australian based Motorhome owners to traverse a country otherwise normally inaccessible to individuals and do so with a support team familiar with the territory and attractions of this varied and interesting continent.

Once having crossed Russia via Siberia visiting its numerous and beautiful cities the expedition will terminate outside the boundaries of Russia at our first European city, Tallinn, in Estonia. From here there are lots of choices of direction to continue your journey easily without our assistance.

Again, we will be happy to make forward arrangements and assist with route planning based on our vast experience in Europe.

Overland Journeys has produced a portfolio of requirements / suggestions for the “Across Russia by Motorhome” expedition.

It includes:

Tour costs, inclusions and exclusions for the base charge as advertised.

Expected costs for Fuel, food, shipping (dependant of MH size and dimensions), etc.

There will be numerous optional excursions such as the Moscow Circus, St Petersburg Ballet etc which will be arranged by our tour manager on request.

Detailed Itinerary: The pack will include a detailed itinerary with dates, mileages night stop locations, facilities, attractions and available excursions.

Documentation: Overland Journeys look after Russian visas and will detail all documentation required for shipping, insurances, visas etc for your Russian leg of the trip and beyond.

A Tour Manual and access to Electronic Maps will be provided (on acceptance of entry)

An individual timeline schedule leading up to departure date for presentation of documents and vehicles to the shipping location will be provided by late June or earlier.

An Individual easy payment schedule will be provided on acceptance of expedition entry. Final payment is due 2 months before tour start date.


Email Anton: (+64-22-1286095) or Greg: (+64-21-777523)