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Silk Road self drive Tours

Silk Road Tour

2017 Tour

I can’t compare the day we opened the container and driving our vehicle out to the streets of Vladivostok with picnicking beside ice-covered Lake Baikal or lying on our backs at midnight stargazing beside Khorgo Lake. Relaxing in a piping hot gur with Ghengis Vodka after a day of mad, mad driving in Mongolia can’t be measured against walking then driving into Charyn Canyon or walking up to Registon after dinner in Samarkand. Driving the Pamir down the Penj River with Afghanistan just a few metres away was incredible and so was being beaten with leaves in an 80C banya by a very fierce woman in a balaclava. It’s impossible to pick any best bits of this amazingly diverse adventure so it comes down to the people. Starting at the top with Greg & Deb; the friends we have made along the way; the children and adults who smile and wave as we pass through their villages; and the kindness of strangers like the lady who ironed all the men’s undies, shirts & singlets; the guides; the mechanics who have gone the extra mile for us and so many more. My eyes may even have leaked a little sometimes. Lovett family

Thanks to Overland Journeys for once again guiding us safely across the world and providing us with a host of fantastic experiences and opportunities. We were a unique convoy on the road. We didn’t see any other travellers travelling in such a way as our group. The opportunity to travel to such remote places as we visited was the real highlight of the tour. Something we could never have done on our own or with a larger tour group. The travel guide was really useful and well read( by locals too).
Thanks to our fellow travellers for being such wonderful company too. Davies family

Hi Deb, Been trying to put my thoughts down for a while, all the work that goes into the Tour/Expedition before day one, we know is absolutely huge. It’s because of your diligent step by step attention to detail that we were able to have hassle-free border crossings. Believe me standing in a little tin shed where the guard sleeps, eats and interviewed us in another language, your hard work stood up and we were able to pass without hassles at all boarders. Unlike other travellers we saw. So a massive sincere thank you, we really appreciated your input 🙂 Also, Greg, it’s hard to find the words, to spend 82 days basically 24/7, with such a humble, fun, awesome man was such an absolute pleasure. From the very start at Vladivostok, things went right, wrong and sideways but never a cross word, or any hint that he was a little annoyed. The whole expedition was truly and absolutely fantastic. From the city tours like Volgograd to the late night drive we had to do, to stay on track everything was taken in his stride. The 82 days flew by, altogether to fast. with every passing action-packed moment, the journey became the most amazing journey across the most amazing countries. Thank you so much for everything, to have been part of the overland journey, it will always be in our hearts and minds. Brown/Wanganui

Previous Tours

In 2009 we joined the Peking to Paris trip. By Moscow, we were really enjoying the self-drive travel across areas away from the normal tourist routes. When Greg mentioned the silk road we signed on immediately for 2010. The Silk Road (although a more challenging drive), gave us a new perspective on how people live under very different conditions to ourselves. Turkey – Cappadocia ballooning a bucket list must. Shopping in the bazaar – don’t take your wife. Iran – lovely people, free bananas passed to us at 100km/hr on the motorway, 2 free diesel top-ups at gas station (they wouldn’t take our money). Turkmenistan – Toilets???, fun drives in the desert, car killer roads, Uzbekistan – Bukara and Samarkund more bucket list must see. Tajikistan – Roads beyond belief, scenery staggering, the concert for just us by Pamir folk group a highlight. At border post into Krygistan walked into hollowed out oil tanker, past Dead animal boiling on the stove, to the bunk room to have our passports stamped. Krygistan – Greg and Murray arranged our passage into China when the border was officially closed. (their organisation in tricky situations irreplaceable). China – Right across from West to East, contrasts, sandstorms, motorized condoms in the hotels, and then back to reality – Auckland. I think the Silk Road was even better than P2P, but I wouldn’t want to have travelled it without doing the P2P first. Hey Greg what about the “Road of Bones” next. Murray and Sue

Vladivostok to London self drive Tours

Vladivostok to London 2015

Hi Deb,
Yes I certainly am happy and well and the trip was outstanding far beyond expectations. Was at first worried that the group was too small but as the tour went on this I think was a positive as we all got on with each other so well and the guides we had so good. The highlights of the trip for me were the wide open spaces in the Far Eastern part of Russia and then the cherry on the top for all of us was Mongolia, a surreal experience. Just loved the countryside, history and the people, the only negative would be having to go into Ulaanbaatar a second time. The best day of the whole trip was the day Robin and I went off fishing with some locals into very remote parts and partook in a marmet meal. The Altay region of Russia was also stunning with wonderful winding roads. Then the journey through Siberia to Moscow was fascinating but for me rather too many big cities, would have preferred smaller towns but know that the vehicles had to be serviced and that hotels would be a problem. That said I thought that the standard of the hotels was excellent. Enjoyed Moscow St Petersburg and the Baltic States. Overall a wonderful memorable adventure. If you want images and more comment Cheers and congrats to you and Greg for a well run tour. David – South Africa

What-Our-Customers-Say-Vladivostok-to-London-2015Hi Deb,
Can’t speak too highly of the wonderful Trans Siberian trip that we have just completed. From the attention to detail when organising the trip to choice of such a fantastic route; it was all that we hoped it would be and more. We felt that Mongolia was clearly the highlight of the trip with its vast open spaces, incredible scenery and wonderful people. We were also pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome that we received from the local Russian population. Throughout the country we found everyone, including the police and government officials, to be courteous and good humoured. We can’t wait to do another of Greg’s trips – Magadan??  Kind regards, Bob

Shanghai to London self drive Tours

Shanghai to London 2014

Hi Deb,
Shanghai to London 2014
Alan and I would highly recommend travelling with Rally Tours and Greg Paul. Friends commented on how brave we were in taking on such a challenging journey but we never felt unsafe thanks to the thorough pre- tour arrangements and the guidance we received from Rally Tours for our car and ourselves. Once on the road we were very ably led by Greg and Tony. Their vast knowledge on all matters was invaluable and our trip was all the more memorable because of it. All the best for 2016. Regards, Brenda Davies.

What Our Customers Say
For me this tour combined two of my great loves, classic cars and travelling. The tour was a trip of a lifetime for me, well organised with great accommodation, and trip I could not have achieved alone. The comradery on the trip was exceptional and I made life long friends along the way. I do not know when I will be able to replicate this great experience, thank you Rally Tours. Neil McDonald

Good Morning Deb
I was a person who had not done a lot of travelling prior to the Shanghai to London experience. This meant I was well out of my comfort zone and would not have envisaged travelling to the areas we did without the expertise of Greg and your team. The concept works very well and I have great memories of the out of the way places we visited. Greg’s passion for the Mongolian and Russian people made interaction with them possible and gave us an insight to their lives. I would thoroughly recommend this trip to the car enthusiast who wants an adventure. Karl

Hello Deb
What Our Customers SayShanghai to London was an unforgettable journey for us. The journey gave us feelings of exhilaration, challenge, adventure with likeminded people, great anticipation of what we were to experience each day and great comandarie with our fellow companions.

The highlights in China were Shanghai, Xi’an and the Terracotta Warriors and the changing landscape. Mongolia’s Gobi desert was beautiful in a way we never imagined and the highlights were the overnight stay in a Ger, Ulaan Baatar and the visit to The Genghis Khan statue and some traditional Mongolian villages. Siberia was a revelation: huge forests, many wide rivers, industrial cities, exciting and challenging roads avoiding Russian trucks, with Irkutsk, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Moscow and St Petersburg each beautiful in different ways and with so much history.

Europe gave us insight into the three Baltic States which were similar in topography but medieval Estonia stood out, Poland with its salt works and visits to concentration camps, Prague for outstanding architecture and the incredible museums in Germany.

This journey is highly recommended. Alison Kinvig

What Our Customers SayDear Greg and Deb,
A few words and photos from the 2014 classic driver trip S2L.
Greg and Tony, many thanks for a well guided and wonderful trip “Shanghai to London” in 2014. It is very difficult to mention a specific highlight of this trip, but some of the highlights were: the evening river tour on the Huangpu river in Shanghai, the Terracotta Soldiers, Gur camp in the Gobi dessert, Ulaanbaatar itself, Red Square Moscow to mention a few. Was there a single highlight? No not really. We would say the whole trip was a highlight, a “once in a live-time” experience. Days were long, nights were short. Although not having a classic car we certainly were classified as classic drivers (70- and 70+). The organization was superb, the hotels, events and information, we always knew what was going on at any time and were kept on task as we needed to be. In reflection of those 60 days or so, congratulations must be extended to Greg, Tony, the Rallytours staff and associated people involved with the organization and execution of this massive expedition halfway across the globe without serious accidents or issues to speak of. Apart from the huge logistics of planning and obtaining all the appropriate documents, permits, insurances, inventory of personal bits and pieces, spares for the vehicles, and safety items to ensure all persons and their cars returned back to NZ in a safe state, it was a huge credit to your organization and a great achievement. In my opinion this experience was received extremely well across the board by all those who took part in this great expedition and they will have recorded many of the experiences and events by means of photos, videos and just memories that they can share with others for a very long time to come. Greg, what about “Magadan to London via Murmansk next or North Korea into Russia (Khasan bordercrossing) to Europe. Count us in. Keep up the good work and take care. Eb and Jitske

Hi Deb,
Just thought I would let You know how pleased we were with your Shanghai to London tour. Very well organized with a few problems all sorted out by Greg & Tony one way or another.
What Our Customers Say
It is such a huge & complicated undertaking that it would be very difficult to sort the trip out all by yourself .  Doing some big mileages some days it was good to  get into good accommodation & relax & know things were organised.

Some of the highlights we found were the unexpected things you come across like the wrestling & horse racing in the middle of the Mongolian desert.

The size & sophisticated of  some of the Siberian cities were amazing.  Plus the optional extras like the Moscow Circus, Auto Museums, Porsche drive experience, etc.

Thanks for a well thought out trip. Dawn & Graeme Brayshaw.

Shanghai to London 2012

What-Our-Customers-Say-S2L2012Our interest in the trip was sparked by watching the Discovery channel PEKING TO PARIS. The idea was explored further when we meet Greg Paul and other interested parties. A car was prepared and shipped with no complications. We reunited with the car in Shanghai where the tour commenced. A Chinese guide accompanied the group. The roads were tolled and of a very high standard in China. Throughout the tour hotel accommodation was of a high standard. While everyone travelled the same route, individuals had different experiences. Every country had memorable highlights, we have related to them often the ‘Daimler boys’ or ‘cockies’ as we were known, are eagerly awaiting our next adventure. G Banks & A Garrett – Christchurch

Hi Deb,
Very hard to describe in a few words such an amazing 56 day trip of a lifetime. A trip that combined driving your own car, travelling to exciting & different places, fellow travellers & with most of the organization done for you. Brewing a cuppa in the middle of the Gobi Desert. Interaction with the locals ,language wasn’t a barrier with the cars such an attraction. Experiencing the food & culture & diversity of the countries. Why wouldn’t you do such a trip!!!

A fantastic event. I really enjoyed the challenge of preparing a MGB to drive from Shanghai to London & then having the flexibility to tour Great Britain at our leisure. Highlights included the contrast of driving the modern roads of China to the camel tracks of the Gobi Desert. Discovering the diversity of Siberia not a frozen waste but a fertile warm plain. Cheers, Sue & Rob

Dakar Tours

Dakar 2015

Hi Deb,
The rallye Dakar was present in my life since I was a little girl and to be at one was a not even possible dream. Still one Sunday evening I surfed the internet and found Rally Tours NZ! They made this dream come true 🙂

I booked the trip, the flight and was welcomed in January at the airport by them. So easy although we communicated around the world.

To drive with the whole circus (Greg Paul’s words), see this wonderful ever changing landscape (from sea level up to 5.000 m; from sea to desert…) and watch all the incredible drivers and riders blows your mind away.

What Our Customers Say Dakar-2015

We were only three people with one car Greg, Peter and myself. 🙂 I am from and living in Germany 🙂 It was a funny combination … two meat loving Kiwi men and a Vegetarian German woman … 🙂

We had agreed to talk about every day if we want to get up early see trucks, motorbikes or cars or if it gets to exhausting and if one has problems we might rest but we were the perfect adventurous fit. We climbed up hills or walked to extra mile to a great spot, got up a 4.30 AM or came to the hotel at 9.30 PM because we watched all day long the participants 🙂

We usually had really nice rooms. Rally Tours NZ prebooked hotels with WiFi so we downloaded maps on iPad or coordinates on GPS from official Dakar sites every night or morning and were always up to date with the best spectator locations. Compared to some other people who followed the Dakar and whom we once in a while met; we saw the rallye’s special stages very close every day once, twice or three times. Some people followed the Dakar already 4 days and didn’t find one good place to watch.

I would travel anytime again with Greg and Peter and if it wasn’t for the money (I’m not a millionaire 🙂 ) I would go every year to be part of Dakar.

I can only recommend to treat yourself with an adventure and book the next rallye! Cheers, Susann

The first foray for Rally Tours into the Dakar 2013

Peru, Argentina and Chile. Started in Lima ,finishing in Santiago. 15 Days including a rest day for 8574km. car race total distance. I think the tour covered about 7800km.

The tour was not without some challengers – where are we going to sleep tonight, bogs in the dunes and powder like quick sand once the surface was broken,where are the other guides,dust that got everywhere,sand in the boots,ice-creams that melted too quickly,who’s got enough small change for the many highway toll points,have we got enough camera memory cards,who ate all the chips,lets buy some more water, we better let down the tyres, now we better pump up the tyres – only one flat. We all survived very well , it was fun,a great adventure, no one got sick on Murray’s cooking.

Many thanks to Greg and Murray for looking after us,keeping safe and taking us to great viewing sometimes very close to the odd waywood vehicle and keeping up and ahead of the pack day by day.

Knowledge of the location of the stages is only known to the participants on the previous night and the spectator points are only a gps co-ordinate.

Murray with his laptop and google maps did a good job of planning where to go next day.
Rally Tours co shared with Peru Adventure Tours who had one additional private vehicle for a few days.

Peru tours had first hand knowledge of the desert dune areas and we drove parallel and across vast areas one day.(That morning we were camped on the course and were overtaken early by the bikes – can,t get much closer) Greg,s cruisers were younger than Peru,s ,thus quicker and we lost each other a few times but crossed paths further along.

Many thanks to Peru Adventure staff,for their knowledge,contacts and good company.

This was a thoroughly great tour – highly recommended and would go again.

The first was basic but we were aware of the logistics in camping and food and trying to get some lodgings along the way for a bed and showers and it was a look see for future tours to a well run world event. Greg has contacts and a good network of accommodation in the 2015 and future Dakar’s.

If you get the chance DAKAR is a must for the spectacular,the local support is just the best and fully welcoming ,the people are inspiring – do it. Cheers, Neil. – My thanks to Greg and the crew at Rally Tours.

South America 4 x 4 self drive Tours


Day 18, Return to Santiago. As time was against us the trip back to Santiago, was one of travel for the five days involved, long days with only one boarder crossing back into Chile via a pass which had been closed late last year due to volcanic ash from the local volcano, which exploded just before Christmas. The ash was piled high on both sides of the road amongst the trees.

Lots of very nice country side and great road once on the motorway system, on our arrival back in Santiago we used the same holiday as earlier in the year. The vehicles where both cleaned, washed and repacked, before the trip to the freight forwarders depot on the Friday. Traveled by bus back to the Hotel to clean-up and collect our bags, before the taxi ride to the Airport and our plane ride to New Zealand.

Arriving back in New Zealand after 54 days away and some 16000km traveled over the period. South America, Chile and Argentina great countries to travel in and drive, fantastic places to visit and activities to do, well worth the visit … Do it again YES!  MLT…
Full details of the South America trip – including images …

WRC Tours

Rally Argentina

Even though the weather could have been kinder to us as true rally enthusiasts we took this in our stride and the experience of attending this rally was well worth the effort of getting there. The organisation was faultless and our rally guides were warm, welcoming and very helpful. Food and drink were very cheap but very good and we enjoyed overcoming the language barrier. Overall a rally experience not to be missed. Sue Rasmussen

Rally Australia

We really enjoyed the 2015 rally Australia tour. Everything was well organised with all the days planned out to give us the chance to see the cars as many times as possible over the weekend. the highlights for us were the pre arranged spectator spots that only the tour had access to, this gave us the chance to see the cars without trying to find a spot with the hundreds of other spectators at the general spectator areas.

I’ve been recommending the tour to friends already for next year and hope to be back for 2016. Tim & Ron

Rally New Zealand

We would like to thank you once again for another fantastic weekend during the NZ WRC Rally. Again NZ Rally Tours organisation & preparation were amazing, the drivers & guides were really great as were the meals and other items which made the whole week end enjoyable, to again meet overseas & local visitors from previous tours proves that we are all very satisfied customers and we look forward to joining WRC Rally with Rally Tours NZ. Thanks, The three Pooles

We really enjoyed ourselves and your hospitality was above and beyond, everyone went the extra mile! The whole trip exceeded our expectations and we will look forward to doing something else with you in the future. R Hayes
Hello Deborah & Greg, Just a few lines to say how much we enjoyed being on the WRC Rally New Zealand Tour, with Rally Tours NZ Ltd. Having been on the WRC Rally of Australia (2009) with your company last year, which was a fantastic experience, we had great expectations for the recent tour and we certainly weren’t disappointed. The organization was truly amazing, details like the BBQ lunches, dinners at Sky City, and on the Fullers Ferry, and having the Port-a-loo showed what details you went to, to make the tour a great weekend. The drivers and guides did a fantastic job. It was great to see some familiar faces from Australia and Japan, which made for great company, and a lot of fun. Once again, our thanks for all the hard work and time that was put into ensure we all had a great time. We hope to join you on some future WRC Tours. Happy NZ Clients (Auckland)
Thank you very much for your great and heart-warmed hospitality. We really enjoyed to see rally New Zealand. Impressive scenery safe long drive to and on special stages delicious meal especially outdoor very well organized and punctual itinerary opportunities to meet a lot of famous rally drivers Head quarter office visit Peter Sorberg’s team visit We took a lot of unusual experiences in the rally tours you provided to us. This wonderful memory and the next plan of Rally New Zealand encourage us to work hard. One thing we really missed during this tour was not to see the ceremonial finish of top 3 drivers at Viaduct. If we could visit ceremonial finish at this time, this tour was perfect for us and we could recommend this NZ rally tours to our friends in Japan. And finally, to be informed to Deborah that we had a great night at Viaduct to have marvelous local seafood. Hope see you again. A Japanese Couple
Peking to Paris self drive Tours

2010 Beijing to Paris

Dear Greg, Many thanks for a wonderful trip we had from Peking to Paris 2010. It was fabulous. Thanks especially to Deb, too. Some highlights for me were the NZ Embassy in Beijing where we started, Lake Baikal swim, seeing the Urals, the photo in Red Square, the Winter Palace, Tallin, the WRC event, and the photo in front of the Eiffel Tower…there are many more… The organization was superb, hotels, events, information, timing, we know what was going on at any time and were kept on task as we need to be. Thanks for the wonderful experience, memories and photo opportunities. Bob & Jill

On reflection of the past 10 weeks or so I must say that congratulations must be extended to Greg and the Rally Tours staff and associated people involved with the organization and execution of this massive expedition halfway across the globe and back again without serious accidents or issues to speak of. Apart from the huge logistics of planning and obtaining all the appropriate documents, permits, insurances, inventory of personal bits and pieces, spares for the vehicles, and safety items to ensure all persons and their trucks returned back to NZ safe in safe well state, it was a huge credit to your organization and a great achievement. In my opinion this experience was received extremely well across the board by all those who took part in this great expedition and they will have recorded many of the experiences and events by means of photos, videos and just memories that they can share with others for a very long time to come. It is hard to believe, that it is all over. “A journey of a life time’ I have heard many say, and how true it is!  Alan & Val

2009 Beijing to Paris

See the 2009 Beijing to Paris Video

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