Overland Journeys News - September 2019

The 2019 season is coming to conclusion and we can now say that it was very successful band busy for us. We have discovered new places, met interesting people and achieved expectations of all our clients who became our friends. Greg is still overseas driving with clients from Magadan back to Novosibirsk and Anton is preparing to fly out to Ulaanbaatar to help with repositioning cars due to new laws have been introduced in Russia.

We Have Great News!

We have updated itinerary of our ultimate winter expedition across the greatest Lake Baikal and Siberia – the BAM tour! Now it includes crossing the frozen lake right on the wheels and visiting fantastic Olkhon Island. Baikal is the deepest, the oldest and the biggest freshwater lake on our planet. Moreover, you will experience hot springs in winter! And certainly, you will explore the political and social history of Russia’s greatest railway construction project of the 20th century.

Baikal Amur Mainline 2020

Baikal Amur Mainline Tour
We are now offering two date options for our BAM (Baikal Amur, Mainline) trip.

Yes it’s a winter trip in ice roads and its cold but it is spectacular! It’s ice roads, Baikal Lake and river crossings on ice, interesting culture and an amazing story of different cultures coming together to build the impossible, the BAM railway. The temperatures will be cold, but we supply the cold weather gear, warm reliable Land Cruisers and bright blue clear skies. This is a trip that you will definitely remember and want to tell your grandchildren about. It’s a lot more fun than laying on a beach in the hot sun!

Three Land Cruisers available, seat in vehicle or self-drive by application. 12 seats available in each direction. $USD7,500 per person.

Dates: February 22nd February to 10th March – Irkutsk to Blagoveshchensk (17 days).

Black Sea and the Caucasus 2020

Black Sea and the Caucasus Tour
This is our new overland adventure. The best of Southern Russia, Crimea, Armenia and Georgia. Overland Journeys ventured down into these unknown territories late last year and discovered a treasure trove of amazing places to visit and experience.

Georgia and Armenia for New Zealanders and Australians is visa free and the hospitality is outstanding. This tour is designed as an introduction to the delights of Southern Russia, historical and beautiful Crimea, spectacular Georgia and Armenia in just 30 days.

Access by air into Moscow and out of Volgograd minimises flight time and maximises tour time.

This is a self-drive or seat in vehicle tour and we have just 3 vehicles or 8 seats available.

Dates: 11 April to 10 May 2020. 30 days tour.

Costs per person:  $NZD13,200.

Email Anton at Overland Journeys anton@rallytours.co.nz soon.

Highlights include: Moscow – beautiful and modern capital of Russia, Volgograd – “Mother Russia Statue”, Astrakhan’s beautiful Kremlin and gardens, Tbilisi city, Yeravan and spectacular views of Mt Ararat, Akhatlsikhe 12th century fort, Stalin’s museum in Gori, Mtskheta historic Georgian city, Sevastopol and Yalta on the coast of Crimea, crossing the new 19 km Russia Crimea link bridge, Krasnodar voted one of Russia’s nicest cities.

But best of all the hospitality and friendliness of the people in these areas will surprise you for sure! More information about the tour is here.

Central Asia and the Pamirs 2020

Central Asia and the Pamirs Tour
Central Asia and the Pamirs is the most interesting part of our great Silk Road Tour. Thus, it will be a great adventure for those who don’t have enough time to cover the whole Silk Road Tour but wants to see the wonders of this part of the world.

Cities of Central Asia were used by merchants who stopped on their way from China to Europe. They traded goods and brought new knowledge. Currently, Central Asia is a lively region with a diverse population.

Experience one of the epic drives of the world and the Silk Road – the Pamir Highway – gateway to the lands of legends Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

It’s a 22 days adventure starting in Bukhara, Uzbekistan on 20 May 2020 and finishing in Almaty, Kazakhstan on 10 June 2020. Tour price is $USD8,900 per person.

You are free to look at the photos and read more here. Contact Anton for information and bookings anton@rallytours.co.nz

Africa 2020

Africa Tour
New to our menu of adventure trips. It’s a total diversification from our usual offerings in Russia, Mongolia and Central Asia. We have forged a relationship with a like minded Australian adventure operator and will offer their 31-days Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe self-drive tour. Full tour details available on request. More information is also available here. Different dates available from April to August 2020. Tour price is $AUD11,995 per person. Contact Anton for further details anton@rallytours.co.nz

Silk Road Tour 2021

Silk Road Tour 2021
This is the most exciting trip on our agenda and interest is already high.

The hardest part of this trip is deciding to do it and understand it’s a big undertaking, but we can give you contacts of almost 40 couples that enjoyed this life changing experience, that we call our Silk Road experience.

The expedition route will be similar to past expeditions with some variations. There will be the usual self-drive 4×4 options and passenger in vehicle options.

Itinerary: Vladivostok, Russian Far East to London, UK, 12 different countries and 21,000 km in 81 days expedition. Dates: 03 May to 23 July 2021. Price: $NZD92,000 per couple. More details here or contact Anton anton@rallytours.co.nz

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