Book a Breath-Taking Motorhome Tour of Europe and Russia for 2019

Europe is filled with rich history, breath-taking landscapes and priceless architecture. Yet when we holiday there, we miss most of this magnificent landscape racing around in cramped cars, crowded trains and high-flying planes. Try something different the next time you travel. A motorhome tour of Europe and Russia allows you to see the wonderous sites at your own pace and in the comfort of private accommodation that travels with you.

Overland Journeys is happy to host the only motorhome tour across Europe available out of NZ. You’ll depart on your journey from Vladivostok, Russia, and arrive in Tallinn, Estonia, the first European city, 54 days later. We provide the services of lead and trail vehicles including a driver, tour guide and assistant. Choose between three route options: cross the Baltic for a tour of Scandinavia and northern Europe, head south through the Eastern Bloc to see Central Europe, or utilise tour guides for a journey through Warsaw, Berlin and Amsterdam before reaching the UK.

Along the way, your Motorhome tour of Europe and Russia will stop at pre-assigned campgrounds that have been vetted for safety. You’ll also be able to elect to enjoy premium excursions and attraction tours. You’re responsible for travel costs to and from your departure and arrival cities, meals, gratuities, travellers’ insurance and vehicle shipping costs. We handle all the logistics, ensuring that each detail is accounted for.

If you’re looking for a holiday experience that’s more than lying on the beach and eating until food doesn’t look appetising anymore, book an exhilarating RV tour with Overland Journeys. Based out of Auckland, NZ, we’ve orchestrated unforgettable international excursions since 2007. Contact us today to get your visa and travel documentation started for your European motorhome tour.