Shanghai to London Classic Car Tour 2016

Shanghai to London Classic Car Tour – 22 May 2016

History: Rally Tours operated their first Trans-Siberian tour in 2009. This was the original version from Beijing, China to Paris, France and retraced the steps of the original “Peking to Paris Rally Raid” run in 1907. Even in 2009 running such an ambitious self-drive tour was true adventure driving on rugged roads, experiencing un-explored cultures and visiting fascinating cities. Rally Tours have also run two previous Shanghai to London Classic Car Tours in 2012 and 2014, plus two Vladivastok to London Tours in 2013 and 2015.

Although our itinerary may have changed marginally since 2009, Rally Tours continues to open new and exciting regions that are not often visited by European visitors.

If you are in NZ and belong to a classic/modern car club and you would be keen for Greg and I, to come along and present to you and your fellow car enthusiasts to profile our tours. We would love to come and meet you all.

The Shanghai to London route is more suited to the classic/modern vehicle and you will get to  see some of the most amazing towns/landscapes (where time has just stood still).

Please note we also offer a similar tour suited to 4×4 vehicles, this tour will be also starting on May 22nd from Vladivastok and will join the Shanghai to London Classic Car Tour in Yekaterinburg Russia.

2012 Trans Siberian Tour