The Trip of a Lifetime: Silk Road Tours from NZ in 2019 – Here’s Why You’ll Love a Silk Route Travel Tour Package

The Silk Road wasn’t just a single road; it was a far-flung network of camel tracks leading from the West to the East and back again. The Silk Road helped spread new forms of architecture, music, art, and belief systems throughout the world. A trip along the Silk Road today reveals tall minarets made of baked mud brick, arching mosques boasting stunning blue tiles, mountains of colourful handwoven rugs, men in traditional headgear, women in brilliant dresses and the continual modernisation of the Central Asian countries. People who book Silk Road travel tours will enjoy the opportunity to see places that were very difficult to access in the past. This route is much easier today – but it is still an adventure. Here are some noteworthy things to look for on your holiday.

The Pamir Highway

Also known as the “Silk Road Less Travelled”, the sky-high Pamir Highway winds through Tajikistan, western China and Kyrgyzstan. This branch of the Silk Road is particularly challenging because it crawls up and over the rugged – and beautiful – Pamir Mountains. Today’s traveller can find group tours that retrace this route, giving them a perspective that few ever experience.

The silk

It’s called the Silk Road for a reason! At the heart of it all, you’ll find the best silk-making experience in Margilan, Uzbekistan. Visit the silk weavers and discover their traditional silk-making methods that have been handed down for generations and the hundreds of incredible designs they’ve preserved. Join one of the upcoming Silk Road tours in 2019 to explore the art and history of making silk.

The Savitsky Museum

The fearlessness and vision of artist Igor Savitsky is one of the best-known legends about Silk Road countries – and in this case, it’s true. In the Savitsky Museum, located in northwest Uzbekistan, you’ll discover one of the world’s largest collections of avant-garde Soviet-era art. Igor Savitsky, a Russian, fell in love with this area and made his home here. When he learned that Soviet officials planned to ban and destroy all avant-garde paintings, Savitsky came up with a plan to buy thousands of those paintings and house them in his new museum. He saved some 40,000 paintings from destruction; they are preserved to this day in the museum for visitors who admire not just the art, but the spirit of Savitsky himself and his riveting story.

Silk Road Tours 2019 with Overland Journeys

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